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Health Insurance Coverage Update
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We offer private housing for our travelers in addition to insurance, liability insurance, a 401k option, contract renewal bonuses and free ceu's... and that's just the beginning.

These benefits are detailed to the right and we encourage you to conatct us with any questions or concerns about our offerings. We'd be happy to discuss them further with you, just give us a call 888.830.8811 or email us.

PRN Offers Industry Leading Benefits For Nurses!

As part of the PRN Team, you'll find more than you were expecting. Along with competitive pay rates, PRN offers our nurses a comprehensive benefits package including:

  • Insurance: Our current health insurance provider is Arise. Delta covers our dental and vision. Life insurance is through Unum and if you work 30 or more hours, PRN pays for a $25,000 basic life policy. Additional benefits, including short term disability, are available through Aflac. To qualify for health insurance, you must work an average of 30 hours per week.
  • Private Housing for Traveling Nurses: PRN will arrange the cost of private housing during your contract. If you choose to secure your own housing, a stipend will be provided.
  • 401k Plan: Available the first enrollment date after completion of six months of employment, during which a minimum of 500 hours is performed. Enrollment dates are January 1 and July 1. Nurses PRN may provide a discretionary matching contribution equal to a uniform percentage of your salary deferrals after one year of employment during which 1000 hours is performed.
  • Liability Insurance: Liability and Malpractice insurance provided at no cost to our employees.
  • Short-Term Disability: Available the first of the month after completion of 30 days of employment as a full-time (30 hrs/week) employee through AFLAC. We conveniently payroll deduct your premiums for you.
  • Contract Renewal Bonus for Traveling Nurses: When employees take another assignment with PRN, we offer a bonus of $1 for every hour worked in the previous contract (up to $521). This bonus is paid after the employee has completed two weeks in the new assignment.With this bonus, you can make over $2,000 each year just for staying with PRN!
  • Earn FREE CEU's: Continue your education and personal development with free online CEUs.