Questions & Answers

Can I earn money on a referral even if I don't work for Nurses PRN?

For each Nurse you refer, earn up to $500. You will receive $2 per hour, up to 250 hours, for every hour they work, even if you don't work! It's a great way to earn some additional cash while someone else works.

Nurses PRN is dedicated to providing you with excellent staffing service and we think you will find these tips handy before working your first shift with us. Remember that above all, communication is the key so if you have any questions, suggestions or problems that arise, please do not hesitate to call us. We are here to help make your experience the best it can be.

What does it mean when I say I am "Available"?

When you tell our staffers that you are available, you should be expecting to work the shift you said you were available for and you should be ready to take the call at confirmation time.  If you do not wish to be booked for that shift, and are unsure if you do not want to work, please do not give your availability for that date.

When will I find out if I am working?

We find out two hours prior to the shift start time which nurses are needed and which are cancelled.  So if the shift starts at 7pm, you can expect a call around 5pm.  If you haven't heard from us by around this time and you wanted to be scheduled, please do not just assume you are not working- Please CALL IN and verify.

What do I do if I have to cancel?

If you need to call off a shift, it is not a problem as long as it is before the two hour confirmation time.  We prefer if you give more notice than that if possible, as this is when hospitals are figuring out what they need for staff and if they are counting on your help, we want to give them plenty of time to find a replacement.  Please do not email us cancellations.  Please make sure you call in and talk to someone live.

What do I do if the hospital asks me to book another shift with them while I am there?

If you are at a facility and they ask you to come back for a future shift, and you are available to work, feel free to schedule with them.  Please remember to always call and let us know you did so.  This will ensure that you are paid properly and also prevent us from promising you to another hospital.

What do I bring to my shift?

You always want to bring your RN license, credentials (BLS, ACLS, etc) and a photo ID.  The staffing office may or may not ask to make their own copies, even though you have already provided such copies to Nurses PRN.

What should I wear?

For the most part, you want to wear clean, solid color scrubs.  You are always expected to wear your Nurses PRN Name badge.

Where should I report?

Report to the Nurse Staffing Office, sometimes called Nursing Administration.  Most of the time, these offices are on the first floor and relatively close to the main entrance.  You need to sign in with the staffer or house supervisor who will give you your assignment.

How do I get paid? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3-

  • Sign in at the hospital
  • Send a Nurses PRN Timecard to 800-830-8379 or 877-500-4932 no later than 8am for daily and 12pm for weekly
  • Remember to indicate on your timecard whether you want daily or weekly pay

Please Note: Please get OT and missed lunch approved by your facility.

Will you guarantee hours?

We cannot guarantee hours for per diem work, but we do have many nurses who get full time and more. Occasionally a facility will cancel a shift, but every effort will be made to find an alternate assignment.

I don't want to work per diem. Do you have contracts?

We have over 1,000 clients and relationships with some of the country's finest hospital systems allowing us to offer options to fit every lifestyle.1 Our local recruiter can talk in more detail about open local and travel contracts that are now available.

Is it possible to stay at one facility?

Agency doesn't mean that you have to "facility hop."1 It's possible to stay with a facility where you feel comfortable.1 We also have both local and travel contracts available.

What are your pay rates?

Pay rates vary by facility, specialty and shift worked.  For more specific information about your area and specialty, please contact PRN at 888-830-8811.

How do I qualify for benefits?

To qualify for insurance, you must work at least 30 hours per week. Other bonuses and promotions have different requirements.

Who is your insurance provider?

Our current health insurance provider is Anthem and dental and term life insurance are available through Met Life. Additional benefits, including short term disability are available through Aflac.To qualify for health insurance, you must work at least 30 hours per week.

What if I can only work two days a month?

Flexibility is one of the greatest things about PRN. Our goal is to fit your career into your lifestyle. PRN will help design a schedule that works for you.

Do I have to work weekends?

Our requirement is one weekend a month for per diem employees. If you choose a contract assignment the guidelines will be laid out in your contract.