This is the legend



VP of HR & Organizational Development

Must be present to win!

As a human resource professional, I aspire to live in a world of free employee benefits, self-determined salaries, endless PTO and the ability to squash the fear in all others I come into contact with when I ask, “Do you have a minute, I need to speak with you?” Wouldn’t life be grand for all of us if this were the case? Until this glorious world comes to fruition, I will revel in the understanding that I am needed here at Nurses PRN taking care of multiple HR functions and assisting my coworkers in an attempt to create something incredible right here.

When I am not at work providing some the opportunity of a lifetime to work with me… I mean at PRN, politely encouraging others to pursue other career opportunities (winky, winky), dabbling in drug screening urine samples or following up on references verifying that the candidate is as good as they described themselves to be in their resume, I love, love, love simply spending time with my husband and children. We are your typically busy family running to all sorts of sporting and community events, enjoying time with family and neighbors and looking forward to the next opportunity to sneak in a family vacation.

In all seriousness, I very much enjoy coming to work at Nurses PRN and adore the professionals I work with. Come join us... come discover what we can offer you as a Nurses PRN employee.